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Getting Started

What is a personal chef anyway?

A personal chef is a meal planner, shopper, and chef extraordinaire! When you factor in the cost of your time spent shopping and chopping to prepare meals at home or the cost of a restaurant meal, you might be surprised to find just how affordable a personal chef can be. Once thought of as a luxury item, personal chefs are becoming a go-to for busy professionals, families with working parents, or anyone who desires a restaurant-quality meal in the comfort of their own home.  

How does it work?
How does it work?
How does it work?

We start with a free consultation where we discuss your personal food needs and address any questions you may have about the service. Should you decide to continue, we will schedule a one-time trial service. On the decided upon day and time, one of our Plants 2 Plates chefs will to come to your home to prepare your meals. In addition to bringing all necessary cookware and supplies, the chef will stop by the market to procure all ingredients on their way to your home, ensuring optimal freshness. Meals will be stored in containers in your refrigerator with labels for easy reheating. Before leaving, the chef will ensure that your kitchen is cleaner than when they arrived before gathering their things to be on their way.  


Do I have to be home when you are cooking?

That is totally up to you. As long as there is a way to arrange access to your home and secure it upon leaving, we can prepare your meals while you are away. Typically, this is the preferred arrangement as all of the messy work can be done while you are away, allowing you to come home to a clean kitchen and a fully stocked fridge.

What if I don't have a lot of cookware?

No worries! We bring all the cookware and utensils we will need, including a Vita-Mix blender, food processor, spiralizer, and juicer if needed.

I have a really small kitchen. Will that be a problem?

Not at all. We have worked in some challenging kitchens over the years. A good chef can work in ANY environment.

What market do you purchase from?

Typically, we do our shopping at Whole Foods. This gives us the best combination of organic produce at the lowest price. On occasion, it may be necessary to shop at the Co-op or Fred Meyer. 

Do you provide organic produce?

We strive to purchase organic, especially for the "dirty dozen." If absolutely necessary, conventional produce may be purchased, but rarely for something like greens, bell peppers, or celery. We also make a point to choose local when possible.


What do you package the meals in?


You have a few options here. Ideally, glassware would be used for freshness, ease of reheating, and earth-friendliness. However, few households are setup with the amount of glassware that would be needed. We can, at purchase cost, supply the appropriate glassware for your meals. Alternatively, if you prefer to use a disposable container, we can provide that at no cost. Often, a client will start off with disposable and make the switch to glass once an ongoing relationship has been established.

Are meals portioned family style or in individual servings?

Totally your choice. Depending on how your family functions, one might be more ideal for you than the other. Family-style  often offers the best space-saving method and ease of use for flexibility. We take care to package items in such way that both extends the shelf life as well as allows for more customization of the meals provided. For example, this could allow you to mix and match components of different meals to create your own breakfast or put a spin on a leftover meal.

How do you determine portion size?  

Listed portions are a generalization as appetites vary greatly. In general, a meal listed as 4 servings will likely provide an adequate dinner portion for 4 average adults with perhaps enough leftover for 2 lunch portions.  

How do I get started? When do I pay for your services? 

Your initial consultation is always free. Should we decide to proceed after the consultation, you will be signed up for a one-time trial service. After providing you with an agreed upon menu and setting a preparation date, you are responsible for payment due on our agreed-upon cook date. Should you wish to continue at that point, we will then go to monthly invoicing and menu choices. 


This sounds too good to be true... What's the catch?


Here at Plants 2 Plates, we are passionate about food and its ability to nourish us in all aspects of our lives. Bringing plant-based nutrition directly into our clients' homes is the most rewarding way we have found to share our personal passions of health, wellness, and great food. Our goal at Plants 2 Plates is to get you feeling healthier, happier, and more energetic one plant at a time!

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